Photo by  Rosemary Wagner

“Violinist Tekla Cunningham shone in the mini-violin-concerto of “Gebt mir meinem Jesu wieder” (Give me back my Jesus), proving a stellar counterpart to outstanding bass Jeremy Galyon, whose delivery of the aria’s demand sparkled, as did Cunningham’s flurry of notes in the intricate violin solo.” - San Francisco Classical Voice (review of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion)

“Blumenstock and Cunningham demonstrated that a pair of violas can jam up as much of a storm as the two violins in the popular BWV 1043 concerto in D minor. This was most evident in the concluding 12/8 Allegro, which had much of that gigue-like spirit of the final aria of BWV 82, but this time in a firmly major key. This was clearly music whose joy resided in its making; but, fortunately, those of us who could only listen came away with at least an adequate sampling of that joy.”  - San Francisco Examiner (review of American Bach Soloists J.S. Bach’s Brandenburg 6) 2012

“...This was quite possibly the greatest performance not just of a Handel masterpiece but of anything that I have heard since moving to the Seattle area more than six years ago....the 18-member orchestra supported the singers with brilliant panache, highlighted by some spectacular solo work from violinist Tekla Cunningham” - Seen and Heard International 2012 (review of Pacific MusicWorks production of Handel’s The Triumph of Time)

“Several pieces based on recurring ground-bass patterns showcased La Monica's impressive versatility. Merula's Ciaccona featured violinists Tekla Cunningham and Susan Feldman in the first of many displays of virtuosity. The striking contrast in tone between these players — Cunningham possessing a brighter sound, Feldman a far more mellow tone — only enhanced the sense of textural variety that characterized the program as a whole. The Passacalio by Biagio Marini was a moodier piece, its slow tempo and elongated melodies giving the impression of unfathomable sorrow in La Monica's captivating performance.” - San Francisco Classical Voice

“The ensemble’s irrepressible energy and pitch-perfect timing proved a winning combination.”—San Francisco Classical Voice November 2007 (La Monica Ensemble)

“They blew away everything else I had heard that week. The energy with which they dug into their music was more characteristic of a rock band than a chamber ensemble. And it was exactly right for the fiery, moody, emotionally expressive music. I can think of few more compelling arguments for the sheer excitement of early music than La Monica.” —San Francisco Early Music Society News May 2007 (La Monica Ensemble at the Berkeley Festival)

"Not only was the concert astutely constructed…but the technical authority and interpretative passion exhibited throughout demonstrated that here were musicians with both an understanding of their repertoire and of each other. A stimulating festival hit." —Bloomington Herald Times May 2006 (La Monica Ensemble at the Bloomington Early Music Festival)

“Virtuoso violinists, Tekla Cunningham and Susan Feldman, the excellent cellist and violist da gamba William Skeen, and clear-toned and flexible soprano, Phoebe Alexander… won a fervent standing ovation.” —Bloomington Herald Times May 2006 (La Monica at the Bloomington Early Music Festival)

“...We could certainly do with more of the audacity and merriment on display at this concert. Not very often have I seen a string quartet having such obvious fun. Cunningham's smile broke into an outright grin whenever she did something particularly outrageous (which was often).” - San Francisco Classical Voice (review of Novello Quartet playing Haydn Op. 50 at the Berkeley Early Music Festival)